Lone Wolf and Cub - Awa-Indigo

I like watching old martial arts films - Shaw Brothers etc.

So, I was finally watching the Lone Wolf and Cub series recently - I had been meaning to watch it for years.

In the second episode "Baby Cart at the River Styx" there is a scene that talks about indigo, and shows vats and dyeing.


Ogami Itto was the Shogun's executioner. He was framed by the Yagyu clan, and has fled the capital with his toddler son, Daigoro. Now he is working as a sword for hire.

In this scene, the Awa clan that produces a highly valued Indigo using a secret recipe wants to hire Ogami Itto.  They need him to battle some powerful foes who are helping their enemies to get the details of their secret dyeing techniques.

I've manually added the subtitles from an SRT file, so they're not quite right.  I might fix them up when I'm not busy.

How Japan Copied American Culture and Made it Better

Japanese appreciation of aspects of culture that would have been lost if not for some neurotic obsession.

I'd also suggest that that some of the worlds biggest luxury brands (ie. Rolex and Louis Vuitton) would not have survived the 80s/90s if not for the Japanese market's obsession with them.

Levi's Handmade Jeans

Levi's custom made jeans (via JC)

This month Levi's is launching a first-of-its-kind Made To Order jeans project in New York City's Meatpacking District store. Master Tailor Ryan Grant-Hays will be making every pair from scratch in the store's basement sewing room.

It sounds kinda cool to have a custom fit, but I prefer the idea that you're wearing a standard production model and having the denim shape to you.